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Nigerians reacts to Yemi Alade’s comparison of self to Davido, Wizkid

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Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade has sparked controversy online after she compared herself to Music superstars, Davido and Wizkid.

Earlier, DAILY POST reported that Yemi had in an interview said she is operating on the same level as Davido and Wizkid. 

She was quoted as saying, “The same capacity Wizkid holds down in Africa, I hold it down, the same capacity Davido holds down in Africa, I hold it down, the same venues, we all shut it down.

“So there is no number one, and that is the truth but not everybody will agree to that, people will say Yemi shut up but that is the truth. Why don’t we go ask the promoters, the people who know the numbers?”

Nigerians on social media have, however, expressed divergent opinions on the singer’s claim.

While some believe that she actually measures up to the mentioned superstars, others warned her against such comparison, insisting that Davido and Wizkid are now international names.

Mavin Queen, Tiwa Savage was also dragged into the conversation as some Nigerians compared her music to that of Yemi Alade.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST…

@Amdou1972 “Only a crazy man can compare Wizkid or DAvido to Yemi Alade, herself know that she is below them, she said that for not to downgrade herself.”

@King “I think Yemi Alade was high on Ghana weed when she said she’s on the same level with Wizkid and Davido.” Coz I really don’t want to believe she said that with clear eyes.

@Okeolodo “I know Davido, I know Wizkid but I don’t know who Yemi Alade is.”

@Promise_cures “The issue is some of you never think of life beyond Lagos and Nigeria. Yemi Alade is steady selling out shows across Africa but we’re sleeping on her in Nigeria. If you say it’s cos of lyrical content then you’d better not be listening to Wizkid and Davido.”

@Sigmund sucre “If the music is a church service, Davido, Wizkid are the people ushers lead to the front, as for Yemi Alade, let’s just say there is a seat for her under canopy, outside.”

@Sanhilz1 “Yemi Alade is killing it, whether she sings rubbish or not. All Nigeria artistes including @iam_Davido and @wizkidayo haven’t beat her record of stream on YouTube…She can pull a crowd like them in Nigeria or abroad.”

@Manlikeicey “You can criticize Yemi Alade from now till tomorrow, it’s all good but just know she’s the biggest female artiste in Africa read well I didn’t say best, I said biggest if you doubt it’s fine but just know if you reply this with epistles I’ll still not reply and argue with you.”

@MaziOsita “As far as music on the continent is concerned, she is not wrong. Yemi Alade is an A-list African musician and performer.”

@Starboy “Yemi Alade said that she’s on the same level with Davido and Wizkid there’s nothing wrong in believing in yourself Falsely.”

@AtomTgold “Until Tiwa Savage release another banger. How many times have you heard her grant interview and “say” she is the biggest. Most times it’s Yemi Alade that does that. I’m not sure I have listened to any Yemi’s song aside Johnny. Tiwa makes the song do the talking for her. Yemi lack lyrics.”

@KelvinOdaz “Yemi Alade’s fame outside Nigeria is something close to Sky B in 2007/2008. You knew that guy was singing trash but you can’t deny his fame. He was so huge back then. Like Yemi Alade’s music or not, but she is definitely the biggest Nigerian female artist outside of Nigeria.”

@SegunHAssan “So Yemi Alade has suddenly become a thing to reckon with in the Nigerian music Industry and Africa as a whole.”

@Sammieyellowe “Tiwa Savage is the biggest female artiste in Nigeria at the moment, Yemi Alade was one time the biggest female artiste when Tiwa Savage was pregnant, she used that opportunity really well to come out strong.”

@Duruchibuzore “Yemi Alade has shut down some of the world’s most iconic centres. But the Nigerian entertainment media is favorable to the men when it comes to news dissemination. Yemi has a cult followership outside Nigeria.”

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