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[Photos] SO SAD: UNIZIK Graduate Bathed With Acid By Unknown Man In Port-Harcourt

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A beautiful lady identified as Miss Nkiruka Jane Nnaji who hails from Amorji Akpugo in Enugu State is in lament following the unfortunate circumstance which befell.

The report has it that Jane graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, in 2016 and was awaiting her youth service before she was attacked with acid.

She Wrote:

“It happened on April 11, 2017, in Port-Harcourt. After my graduation I went into cosmetic business; I got a very small shop where I was managing. I was coming back from my shop that fateful day, at about 8:00 pm;I was walking to the house when I started hearing a male voice calling ‘Chi-chi’.

I thought it was somebody that wanted to toast me; I thought it was a way of attracting my attention.“I didn’t really give him any attention. Whenhe kept calling that name I felt it could be away of taking my phone or robbing me so I put my phone in my bag and in less than three seconds somebody tapped me on the shoulder.”
“Immediately I turned, he poured the substance which was in a small container on me and I screamed. He ran away while Iwas screaming and shouting for help. People came out, poured me water and eventually they took me to the hospital thatvery night.“

I was in the hospital in Port-Harcourt therefor two weeks before I was referred to National Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu. When I went to Orthopaedic, the next day they went on strike;I went into coma because then the wound had already been infected because the hospital where they took me wasn’t a burnshospital. So they did not take proper care of the wound so it was bringing forth pus and was smelling.

“So I went into coma and was rushed to a private hospital, Hill-top; it was there I had two surgeries and stayed there for 35 days after paying over N1m.“I was taken back to Orthopaedic, by then they had called off the strike; it was there that I had the remaining three surgeries. Soaltogether I have gone through 5 plastic surgeries in the cause of this acid attack.“Eventually I lost the two ears; I still have a contracture on the neck, and then the left hand, and then the hair at the back.“

I don’t know because I never quarreled with anyone. If I had quarreled with anyonemaybe by now I may have arrested the person. So I don’t really know.I take this to be a mistaken identity because the name he was calling wasn’t my name. My name is not Chi, or Chinyere or anything related to that.

And the person didn’t wait to see the face of the Chinyere he was calling. So maybe he took me to be Chinyere and poured me that substance”.“Even that very night they say they caught the person. But they thought he stole my phone because they heard me screaming. They saw him with an android phone and they confronted him accusing him of having snatched the phone from the girl that was screaming.
He said no it’s his phone. They said ok if it’s your phone, call the number. They dialed the number and it rang and they gave him back the phone and he left. So it was while I was in the hospital the person brought the number to me.I called the police and gave my statement but they asked me to pay N70,000 to track the number alongside other expenses.

I didn’t have much money and I needed even more for my treatment so couldn’t raise the money. After my statement, they left and I didn’t hear from them again until today”.Upon her condition, Jane has refused to question God. “I know my God has a reason for whatever happens. He is still myGod and has seen me through even when doctors gave me 30% chances of survival. Iam grateful to Him for keeping me alive.”I am soliciting for funds. I am begging the public and the government in any way they can assist me so that I can be able to go for this surgery. This surgery is just my life.

I know I will not be ok, but at least after the surgery, I will be near normal. I will be able to have my ears back and the stiff neck will be released. At least I can have myself back and then know what to do with my life.All I am pleading is just a way of helping me. I am really pleading and soliciting for this fund so that I will be able to go for the surgery in India.”Jane’s parents are also not financially capable to pay the bills. Her parents live in Jos; her father is a retired soldier and is not working while the mum is doing nanny work in a nursery school.

Contact Jane: 07030863802

See Photos Below:

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